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Forestry Consultants: Mississippi - Oklahoma

A Directory of Forestry Consultants in America


A&M Forest Consultants, Inc. - Since 1978, A&M has served Southwest Alabama and Southeast Mississippi in all areas of rural land sales and timber management. With a strong history in both the timber and real estate industry, our mission is to maximize your returns through over sixty combined years of experience and market knowledge.

Forest Pro, LLC specializes in all aspects of Timberland-Management, Appraisal, and Sales in South Mississippi. Our motto, "Everything Timberland", represents the fact we are a Certified and Registered Forester, Licensed Appraiser, and a Real Estate Broker. With these certifications we can help our clients with most professional services involving timberland. Please explore our site to find out how we can help you in the sale, appraisal, purchase or management of your timberland.

Foxworth Forestry Consultants, LLC. was founded in 2003. The company was founded with the goal of helping landowners realize the potential of their timberland properties and helping these same landowners achieve their management goals.

Mitchell Forestry & Wildlife Services, Inc. is a consulting firm specializing in forest management, wildlife management, timber marketing and investment real estate. We have more than 40 years of combined professional forestry and wildlife experience with extensive knowledge in timber markets, timber harvesting, land management and wildlife management.

Molpus Woodlands Group, LLC , a registered investment advisor, has developed a reputation for being knowledgeable, resourceful and responsible in its business operations. Over the past 10 years, Molpus' client investments performed in excess of the benchmark for TIMOs in the U.S.

Southern Resource Service, Inc. is a Mississippi licensed Real Estate Brokerage Firm providing clients with assistance in acquisition and sales of farm and timberland since 1981. Southern Resource Service, Inc. possesses the experience and contacts with buyers and sellers throughout Mississippi as well as other states.

TimberCorp, Inc. is a full-service land management company specializing in forest management assistance to non-industrial and institutional forest owners. We are located in central Mississippi and offer our services to a broad geographic area, which routinely includes all of Mississippi and portions of Alabama, Louisiana, and Arkansas.

Walley Forestry Consultants, Inc. offers a full line of forestry services. Our experienced staff of foresters are state licensed, certified and are dedicated to providing quality forestry services. Land and timber sales, appraisals and forest management are our primary areas of emphasis. Other services offered are: expert witness testimony, recreational lease management, growth and yield projections, GPS/GIS mapping and wetland delineation.


Quality Forest Management LLC - A forestry and wildlife management consulting firm with offices located throughout Missouri providing landowners with services that include: Timber marking and sales, tree planting, TSI, timber inventory and appraisals, forest management plans, wildlife habitat establishment, GPS/GIS services, prescribed burning, and more.


Hawkins & Associates, Inc. Our business is to help clients Evaluate, Develop & Manage forest-based enterprises anywhere in the world: Timber Inventory & Appraisal, Timber Resource Analysis, Feasibility Studies, Business Plans & Projections, Project Planning & Implementation, Timber Harvesting Plans & Management, Technical Studies & Investigations. We are undeterred by difficult challenges and arduous conditions.

Northwest Management Inc. Professional Consulting Foresters serving the forest landowners of Washington, Idaho, Montana, and Oregon.

New Hampshire

F&W Forestry Services is one of America’s premier forest resource management and consulting firms and a leader in the South - the emerging center of the nation’s forest industry. F&W serves small and large non-industrial landowners, industrial landowners, investors, financial institutions, and other clients throughout the South. Our mission is to help every client maximize the value, age and enjoyment of their land and forest resource according to their individual objectives, needs and desires.

LandVest was founded in 1968 and has been providing a broad array of services to owners of significant real property assets ever since. With offices throughout the Northeast, including professionals in real estate sales, consulting and appraisal, land planning, forestry services, graphics, advertising, business and finance, LandVest has become the premier advisor and problem solver for owners of unique properties.

Stillwater Forestry LLC is the company to turn to when you want your land managed right!. Since 2007 landowners throughout ME,NH & VT have been turning to us for expert forestry advice and representation. We bring a wealth of knowledge, expertise and proper planning ,to bear, on any project that you may have. Stillwater Forestry LLC .... "Where Good Stewardship Is Not Left Up To Chance".

New Jersey

Heartwood Consulting Services is a professional arboriculture, forestry and natural resources consulting firm dedicated to the conservation, preservation and management of trees, forests and landscapes. For nearly 20 years our staff has worked throughout the country with municipalities, engineering and landscape architecture firms, federal agencies, land owners, tree-farmers, arboreta and contractors to enhance the values imparted by trees and other natural resources.

New York

Bevan Forestry has been providing general forestry services, control of invasive plants, and vegetation management for private landowners, institutional landowners, municipal landowners and the forest industry for the last two decades.

Forecon, Inc. Professional forestry & natural resources consulting firm, with 6 offices throughout New York, Pennsylvania & West Virginia. Specialists in the management of hardwood timberlands. We currently manage over 200,000 acres of prime hardwood timberland for private and institutional investors.

Integrated Resource Information Systems has provided Award-Winning Forestry, Natural Resource, and Environmental Information Systems to a long list of content clients since 1986. They can provide you with comprehensive, integrated Solution Paks including hardworking hardware, specialized software, digital mapping data, full-service services, and frugal financing.

LandVest was founded in 1968 and has been providing a broad array of services to owners of significant real property assets ever since. With offices throughout the Northeast, including professionals in real estate sales, consulting and appraisal, land planning, forestry services, graphics, advertising, business and finance, LandVest has become the premier advisor and problem solver for owners of unique properties.

Northeast Forests, LLC - Steven Bick, ACF CF is consulting forester and principal in Northeast Forests, LLC. Landowners, investors, researchers, educators and public officials come to him for informed advice on family forests, timber sales, stumpage appraisal, income & property taxes, conservation planning, third-party certification and conservation easement design & negotiations.

Northwoods Forest Consultants, LLC is a privately owned consulting forestry firm located near Lake Placid in the Adirondacks. They currently manage some 65,000 acres of private forest land primarily in Clinton, Essex and Franklin Counties. NFC was established in 1990 to foster quality management for forest owners.

Fred Safford Forestry Consultant, LLC - Providing Forest Management Services to Owners of Timberland

Timberland Realty is the real estate division of FORECON, Inc. FORECON, Inc. is a multi-disciplinary forestry and natural resources company started in Jamestown, NY in 1954 by Curtis H. Bauer. It now has eight offices located throughout New York, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Michigan.

WoodWise Land Company, LLC is a private timberland investment company that actively seeks to purchase high-quality timberlands throughout NY, VT, and the rest of the Northeast.

North Carolina

American Forest Management, Inc. - Landowners are as diverse as their individual holdings. To serve the greatest spectrum of needs, we offer a comprehensive suite of land management services. The American Forest Management team consults with private landowners, investment management organizations, trusts, conservation groups and more. We have offices nation wide with natural resource professionals waiting to assist you.

Carolina Forestry, Inc. is a full service consulting forestry company located in Raleigh, NC. Together with Trademark Properties, Inc., Carolina Forestry offers a unique combination of services to more effectively meet the forestry and real estate needs of our clients.

Casey and Company Forestry This site is the homepage of a forestry consulting firm based in North Wilkesboro, NC. The site provides a description of the employees, our services and is also a reference for our clients and the public.

Dougherty and Dougherty Forestry Services manages forest land for private forest landowners in the Southeastern US. Our client’s primary objectives may include timber revenue production (from hardwood or pine stands; of natural or plantation origin), wildlife habitat management, ecosystem conservation, soil and water conservation, aesthetics, other recreational use, other supplementary income production, or some combination of these.

Forest Land Resource Consultants, LLC offers holistic Forest Management and Real Estate Services in the South Eastern Region of the United States. With over 40 years of combined experience in Forest Management, the Registered Foresters that own and operate the business pride themselves on their ability to properly manage private landowner’s investments in land for Forestry and the future.

Forest2Market - Localized Tract by Tract Stumpage Price Database, Delivered Pricing Service. Resource Assessment consulting. Price Studies, reports, and due diligence.

North Carolina Land for Sale and Consulting Forestry - Offering timber, hunting and recreational land for sale in North Carolina and surrounding areas and consulting forestry services for private landowners.

Rawlings Consulting Forestry - At Rawlings Consulting Forestry, we define forestry as the artful science of manipulating the forest ecosystem for the obtainment of client-specific desires, goals, and objectives. Whether you are seeking to sell your timber or manage your land, or if you have stumbled upon our site or heard about us from a friend, we invite you to learn more about us and the services we offer.

TerraSource Valuation LLC provides high quality real estate consulting and valuation analysis services for timberland investments, particularly natural hardwood forests as well as pine and hardwood plantations throughout the eastern US, Central and South America.


Cruse Hardwoods is a timber sales and forest management company serving Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky.

Ohio Foresters LLC With over 72 years of combined forestry experience, our Ohio consulting foresters specialize in timber sales and forest management services in Ohio, Kentucky and West Virginia. Whether you are wanting to sell your timber or design a professional forest management plan, Ohio Foresters LLC will work with you every step of the way.

Ohio Timber Buyers - We pay cash in advance for standing hardwood timber and forested land. We offer free estimates with no obligations, and our Amish loggers have over 30 years of experience.


Neill Forestry Consultants offers independent, professional timber management and consultant services to private landowners in South Arkansas, North Louisiana, East Texas, and Oklahoma. We work for and in the best interest of the private landowner.