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Urban Forestry Offices of Major American Cities


City of Florence - Urban Forestry Department oversees the City’s landscaping needs, tree planting programs, and renewal of the older urban trees.

City of Montgomery - Urban Forestry Division is charged with growing and maintaining healthy trees throughout the City of Montgomery for the public good.


City of Anchorage Parks & Recreation - Over 10,000 acres of municipal parkland, 223 parks, 250 miles of trails and greenbelts that link neighborhoods with surrounding natural open spaces and wildlife habitat, ....

City of Wasilla - Parks & Recreation Department maintains 5 parks, 49 facilities and parking lots, 5 ball fields, and approximately 10 miles of trails.


City of Flagstaff Fire Department - Wildland Fire Management - Mission: To promote, create and maintain a sustainable healthy forest ecosystem and a FireWise community, thereby protecting and enhancing public safety and community well-being.

City of Phoenix Urban Forestry - To enhance Phoenix's urban forest environment by promoting tree planting and increasing awareness of proper tree care through public and community efforts.


City of Little Rock - Welcome to the website for the Urban Forestry Division of Little Rock Parks and Recreation. This site was created to keep you informed of Urban Forestry related programs and issues here in your community.


City of Los Angeles Department of Recreation and Parks - The Forestry Division, which maintains the trees in city parks, is dedicated to providing an attractive, safe, and beneficial urban forest through high quality tree management and maintenance practices with respect to the ecosystem

City of Sacramento: Urban Forestry - Our mission: To promote a safe, sustainable and healthy urban forest for Sacramento communities. Sacramento’s urban forest provides multiple environmental, economic and aesthetic benefits for residents, businesses and visitors.

City of San Diego Urban Forestry Section - oversees the planting and maintenance of trees and other vegetation along streets, sidewalks, and other City rights-of-way. The program works closely with nonprofit organizations to increase the number of trees in the City and help improve the quality of life.

City of San Francisco: Urban Forestry Plan - The Urban Forest Plan envisions a greener and healthier San Francisco where trees grow and thrive on the City's streets.


City of Boulder: Urban Forestry section of the Parks and Recreation Department - is a specialized branch of tree management for trees located on city property within the city limits of Boulder. Removal of dead or diseased trees Providing development design review and enforcing tree protection codes There are approximately 30,000 street trees and 10,000 park trees under our jurisdiction.


City of Fort Lauderdale's Urban Forestry Services - The City of Fort Lauderdale provides tree-related services across departments. The following staff are available to assist you - Urban Forester, Sustainability Division - Chief Landscape Plans Examiner, Department of Sustainable Development - Engineering Division, Public Works

City of Gainsville - Urban Forest Management oversees the team that plants, prunes, and maintains trees along Gainesville's streets, in parks, municipal buildings, and City-maintained retention ponds.


City of Atlanta: Office of Parks - To improve, preserve, protect and maintain the City’s parks and public green spaces as a safe and enjoyable enhancement to the quality of life for all residents and visitors to the City of Atlanta.


City and County of Honolulu: Division of Urban Forestry - consists of an Administrative function, the Horticulture Services Branch and the Honolulu Botanical Gardens. It propagates, plants, trims, waters, and maintains shade trees, concrete planters and other ornamental plants cultivated along public roadways, and in City parks and malls.


City of Boise: Community Forestry Unit - find out about Tree Care Information, Tree Selection Guide, ReLeaf Boise, Licensed Tree Services, Tree Steward Classes, Arbor Day, Tree Ordinance.


City of Chicago: Bureau of Forestry - The Bureau of Forestry trims Chicago's 500,000 parkway trees on a six-year cycle. It also coordinates the planting of 5,000 new parkways trees each year, removes 7,000 dead or damaged trees annually, grinds the wood from dead trees and branches into chips that are sold or used on playgrounds and vacant lots, co-administers the City of Chicago's Landscape Ordinance.


City of Aurora: Forestry - The Forestry Division cares for Aurora's urban forest, which includes city street trees and public trees in parks, medians and open spaces.


City of Des Moines: Public Works (Forestry) - Objective: To maintain a healthy urban forest by providing expert maintenance for the City’s street trees and other trees located throughout the City-owned system of cemeteries, golf courses, and parks.


City of Wichita: Forestry - is responsible for maintaining the aesthetic appearance of highly visible plantings and greenways in public places and carrying out a comprehensive tree planting, maintenance, and removal program.


Kentucky Division of Forestry: Urban Forestry Assistance Program - provides urban forestry technical assistance to municipalities, nonprofit organizations, educational institutions and private landowners. The main focus of the urban forestry program is to help communities develop long-term, self-sustaining urban forestry programs.

Lexington-Fayette Urban County Government - The Urban Forestry Program is located in the Division of Streets, Roads and Forestry.


City of Portland - The Forestry Section of the Parks, Recreation and Cemetery Division has been managing Portland’s shade and ornamental trees since the mid-1800’s.


City of Baltimore - Parks and Recreation: Baltimore City is proud to feature more than 4,000 acres of parkland and public space. Within our city borders, there are over 300,000 street trees and a large inventory of park trees.


City of Boston: Urban Forestry - The urban forest plays an important role in Boston's landscape. The urban forest consists not only of all the treed areas in Boston (streets, yards, urban wilds, cemeteries, and parks) but also shrubs, grasses, herbaceous ground cover, soil, and our waterways.

City of Worcester - The mission of the Parks, Recreation and Cemetery Division is to maintain the City's water, sewer and street and traffic systems for the protection of the public’s safety and to maintain all city parks, playgrounds, beaches, and street trees, as well as maintaining the cemetery and public buildings so as to improve the quality of life for all the citizens of Worcester.


City of Grand Rapids - The Grand Rapids Urban Forest Project seeks to engage the entire community in growing a larger, healthier urban forest.


City of Minneapolis: Urban Forest - The urban forest is a major capital asset in any city. In Minneapolis, more than 979,000 trees provide incredible beauty and shade while covering more than 26% of our urban landscape.

City of St. Paul: Forestry - The Department of Parks, Recreation and Forestry is responsible for over 124,000 trees throughout the city. As part of this responsibility, Forestry must deal with planting, maintenance and removal, trimming, wood recycling, and education.


City of Jefferson - Department of Parks & Recreation

City of Springfield: Trees and Grounds - City Tree Care and Landscaping consists of the care of 15,000 public trees, 25 acres of landscaped street medians and parkways, and 65 acres of city facilities and other properties throughout the City.

City of St. Louis: Department of Parks, Recreation and Forestry - The Forestry Division is dedicated to improving the quality of life for all St. Louisans by enhancing and maintaining the surrounding environment through a variety of services and programs offered through its four sections:


City of Helena - Parks and Urban Forestry has 30 parks that include playground equipment, tennis courts, basketball courts, community events, bike and pedestrian trails, dog parks, skate parks and bike jumps. All of our parks and trails are beautifully maintained by Parks Maintenance staff and our Urban Forestry Division.


City of Lincoln: Our Community Forest - of Parks and Recreation Department is the section that provides maintenance, and upkeep of 99 miles of trails, 114 parks, gardens, plazas, malls, islands and/or conservancies (covering nearly 5100 acres), 11 outdoor pools, 8 recreation centers, two dog run parks, and over 127,800 city trees in Lincoln.


City of Reno: Urban Forestry Commission - Our urban forest encompasses trees and vegetation on both public and private property within the city limits. A dedicated staff of arborists and a professional Urban Forester maintain over 22,000 publicly owned trees in city parks and along public streets. Their work is vital to both public safety and tree preservation.

New Jersey

New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection - Division of Parks and Forestry Community Forestry Program ensures more livable communities through the care and management of trees.

New Mexico

City of Albuquerque - All of Albuquerque is an urban forest. In fact, the trees in your yard are part of the urban forest that keeps our city clean and cool. Over the years, the people in Albuquerque have invested millions of dollars in the municipal forest. Citizens are now receiving a return on that investment.

New York

City of New York: Forestry Services - provides access to the following forestry services: street tree, planting, sidewalk repair, wood debris/damaged trees, tree work permit, stump removal, tree pruning, illegal tree work, dead tree removall

City of New York: Trees & Greenstreets - PlaNYC includes a number of groundbreaking greening initiatives, including planting street trees in all possible locations, creating 800 new greenstreets, and reforesting 2,000 acres of parkland.

North Carolina

City of Durham - The Urban Forestry division provides arboriculture service and consultation to the residents of Durham on issues relating to the trees on City property and rights-of-way. This division is dedicated to the pruning, planting, removal and protection of trees using the latest arboriculture techniques and safety standards.

City of Raleigh - The city manages trees on public property including the street rights of way, parks, greenways and other city-owned or controlled property.

North Dakota

City of Bismark - The forestry department is either directly or indirectly responsible for the care and maintenance of trees growing on land owned by the City of Bismarck


City of Clevland - The City of Cleveland Urban Forestry Section is removing all ash trees in the right-of-way. The ash trees are infested with a non-native beetle: the Emerald Ash Borer.


Oklahoma City - Maintaining the balance between accommodating urban development and preserving the urban forest is a challenge.


City of Salem: - ​The Community Forestry Strategic Plan recognizes the benefits of trees and establishes six goals and specific actions, priorities, and partnerships needed to achieve those goals.

South Carolina

City of Columbia: Forestry & Beautification Department - is responsible for maintaining a healthy tree canopy and for installing and maintaining gateways and landscape projects on public property. The Forestry & Beautification Department works with citizens to help them comply with regulations regarding trees and landscaping on the right-of-way.

South Dakota

South Dakota Department of Agriculture: Resource Conservation and Forestry - From the soil in our fields to the water in our lakes, ponds and rivers to the beauty of our forests — it is vitally important to conserve, protect, improve and develop the natural resources of South Dakota.


Texas Forest Service Urban Forestry - The urban forestry section of the Texas Forest Service website. The mission of the Texas Forest Service Urban Forestry Program is to help build self-sustaining urban forestry and tree care programs in Texas communities.


Salt Lake City: Urban Forestry - The Forestry program will contribute to the economic, aesthetic, social and environmental well being of the city and its customers by providing public trees safe, cost effective, and professional care.


City of Richmond: Public Works - Urban Forestry Division maintains the more than 150,000 City-owned trees of more than 100 species that provide shade, greenery, and character to our neighborhoods, streets, and parks.


City of Olympia - has a long tradition of urban forestry. Named a "Tree City USA" for 14 years, in 2007 the City of Olympia's Urban Forestry Program received the Association of Washington Cities' Certificate of Excellence for its "Healthy Urban Forests for Everyone!" outreach program.

Trees for Seattle - Seattle's urban trees add value to our community in many ways; they beautify our surroundings, absorb stormwater and climate-disrupting gases, clean the air, reduce erosion and increase property values.


City of Madison: Parks Forestry - provides tree planting, trimming and maintenance for over 100,000 trees along Madison's 700 miles of city streets. In addition, the Forestry section is responsible for hundreds of thousands of trees that are located in the City's parks, golf courses, cemetery and greenways.

City of Milwaukee - Forestry Services is responsible for the design, planning, planting and management of trees, boulevards, landscapes, greenspaces and beautification projects within the City of Milwaukee. The primary goal of Forestry Services is to efficiently manage the urban landscape to provide better quality of life for our citizens and visitors. This effort seeks to maximize the environmental and psychological benefits of the urban forest, while enhancing both landscape and property values.


Cheyenne - The Urban Forestry Operation is a Division of the City of Cheyenne Parks & Recreation Department