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Silviculture Contractors / Nurseries

A Directory of Silviculture Contractors and Tree Nurseries in America

International Forest Company is a family owned business with locations in Odenville, AL and Moultrie, GA. We are the largest and oldest producer of container seedlings in the Southeast. We sell all species of southern pines and hardwood seedlings for the Southeastern U.S. The company also sells pine tree seed.

Meeks' Farms & Nursery, Inc. a primary producer of Container Pine Seedlings, specializes in Deep Plug Longleaf. Shipping trees from Virgina to Texas. Also produces container loblolly and slash pines.

North Central Reforestation Inc. has been specializing in growing containerized tree seedlings for nearly 30 years. Our greenhouses are located in blustery west central Minnesota in the transition zone between forest and prairie so our trees grow up tough!

Rolling Acres Native Landscape Nursery LLC - Native Plants for Landscaping in Wisconsin Landscape design service and installation, woodlot and prairie managment.

Segal Ranch Hybrid Poplars - is the largest grower-processor of hybrid poplars in America. We are major suppliers of the highest quality clones and trees to Boise Cascade, Potlatch, China and Outer Mongolia. Uses of hybrid poplars include solid wood and plywood production, windbreaks, phytoremediation, waste water treatment, and stream restoration. Segal Ranch also supplies native trees for landscaping and environmental uses. Our nursery stock includes red osier dogwood, willow cuttings and black cottonwood trees.

Superior Forestry Service is the largest, most professional, and diversified provider of contract labor serving the Eastern United States. Since our beginning in 1980, we have established a history of superior performance that is unparalleled in our industry. Our Name Says It All! Our crews have the ability to perform a wide range of hand labor activities including: Hand tree planting, hand application of herbicides, and timber stand improvement.

SuperTree Seedlings - SuperTree Seedlings produces over 60 species of hardwood and pine seedlings for reforestation, wildlife habitat enhancement, wetlands mitigation, and other tree planting project. Serving areas from Texas to Kansas to Maryland to Florida.

Timberland Associates - Providing forest management services to landowners in Tennessee and Mississippi. Sevices include: timber marketing; timber appraisals; pine and hardwood thinning; upland hardwood silviculture; bottomland hardwood silviculture; tree planting; site prep; and beaver control and dam removal. With 35 years experience, we can get the job done "on the ground".

World Paulownia Institute is the largest commercial supplier of Paulownia Elongata seedlings. Paulownia is a truely renewable resource which regenerates from the stump once harvested. Paulownia is used in forestry for lumber, landscaping in your yard, parks, golf courses, biomass for ethanol. No order is too small, WPI ships nationwide.